The Five Mountains of Northern Shinshu

It’s our pleasure to bring you deep into the mountains we know and love best.
We’ve covered plenty of terrain across the Myōkō-Togakushi Renzan National Park and it’s famous five peaks of Mt. lizuna (1917m), Mt. Togakushi (1904 m), Mt. Kurohime (2053 m), Mt. Madarao (1381 m) and Mt. Myoko (2454 m), and followed the 100km Shin-etsu trail and the 86km Amatomi trail that starts at our footsteps. We can show you the best trails and breathtaking vistas, the best local restaurants and soothing hot springs, so you can focus on living your adventure.

Choose your pace (trail running, hiking, trekking), the duration and your companions, and we will arrange the rest.

Guided Tours

Each of our itineraries are unique adventures designed to show off the best that the area has to offer. You’re going to love it. Choose from our existing itineraries or customize your own private guided tour. We will design a tour that matches your goals and

Self-Guided Tours

Carefully organized trips that combine the freedom to travel on your own, but with the peace of mind that all the logistics have been taken care of. There is no guide and no group, so you’ll enjoy at your leisure.

*Guests at La Colina Retreat enjoy a 15% discount on all green activities. Contact us for discounted multi-day trips.

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